Espresso machines - The differences

Espresso machines - The differences

Showing a strong preference for espresso? A single cycle espresso machine might suffice.

Cappuccino and latte macchiato are at the top of the list? In this case, a dual cycle espresso machine could be a sensible choice.

Those looking for consistency and strong performance will feel lucky with a dual boiler espresso machine.

This article describes the differences between the various types of espresso machines: single cycle, dual cycle and dual boiler. Which machine caters best, for which needs? By highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the various types of machines, this overview points the way to the espresso machine that is best suited to various coffee preferences.


Single cycle espresso machine

The single cycle espresso machine has only one single boiler. This boiler has the task of heating the water to the perfect temperature for espresso (between 90 and 96 degrees). Frothing the milk requires steam, which is generated by heating the temperature of the boiler to 120-130 degrees.

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