Our Story

Horizonte Coffee Roasters

Our Origin

It started with a bike race and ended with a fascination with coffee and a search for new horizons. When Christoph Sauser found himself in Colombia for the first time, it was to race in a multi-day mountain bike event. The riding turned out to be sublime, but the local coffee culture was even better.

Like almost all cyclists, Sauser enjoys a good coffee. Unlike most cyclists, he was prepared to go to great lengths to get one.

Back home in Switzerland, the rich coffee heritage which Christoph had glimpsed in Colombia started to tug at his imagination. He bought a second-hand coffee machine and embarked on that personal mission (so familiar to coffee devotees everywhere) of creating the perfect espresso. But it was only when he faced a crossroads in his professional life that Christoph realised how far his passion for coffee had already taken him.

Driven by curiosity and inspired by that first encounter with Colombian coffee, Christoph was by now so caught up in the timeless seasons and daily rituals of coffee production and brewing that it felt natural to step away from a corporate job offer and to instead start joining the dots of a global coffee community.

To wonder what lies beyond the daily grind is to let the eye stray to the horizon. For those who restlessly seek something new and meaningful in life, the horizon is both an ever-receding limit and a compass by which to steer. The horizon is also a line that bends and ultimately connects worlds within our world.

Horizonte Coffee Roasters closes the circle that binds the coffee drinker to the coffee grower. It is a way of illuminating the hidden depths and layers of a coffee culture, of exploring the subtle qualities and flavours that influence your favourite roast.

From our coffee roastery in Switzerland, instead of suppliers and consumers we see coffee farmers and coffee lovers, partners whose investments of time, energy and money are mutually beneficial. Through direct trade and telling each other’s stories, Horizonte Coffee Roasters aims to collapse the distance between cultures and to offer the freedom of being responsible for the effect your decisions have on others.

Horizonte coffee is crafted for your pleasure.

We’d love to have you on our journey.


Christoph Sauser

Founder and manager of Horizonte Coffee Roasters

Christoph Sauser’s journey to founding Horizonte Coffee Roasters followed a winding mountain trail rather than a predictable tarred road. As one of the world’s most decorated mountain bikers, Sauser’s 20-year professional career included highlights such as an Olympic bronze medal, two World Cup series titles, four world championships and five Cape Epic triumphs.

But, for Christoph, riding was always about more than just racing. A cycling lifestyle meant not only speed and endurance but also the allure of adventure, fresh routes and destinations to discover, and new people to meet. That’s why his garage is stacked with a dozen bikes for exploring every possible terrain, from tarmac and gravel to singletrack and snow.

Sauser’s path from professional cyclist to coffee professional has been driven by the same curiosity and commitment to perfection. Drinking coffee is just one (incredibly pleasurable) part of a much bigger and richer culture of coffee. Horizonte Coffee Roasters is about experiencing and tasting it all.