How clean is our coffee?

How clean is our coffee?

Good reasons why a destoner machine is an indispensable tool for a roastery.

During the post harvesting process, our green coffee is laid out on sunny terraces to dry. While this process is 100% natural, unwanted objects such as small stones or nails might end up with the coffee beans.   

- Drying station from Horacio – Our “Leal” Coffee

Once the coffee beans have reached the ideal moisture degree of 11%-13%, the beans are bagged at the cooperative, including those potential “blind passengers”. This is why we at HorizonteCoffee in Leysin use a destoner after roasting.

What is a destoner?

- Our destoner by Joper-Portugal

A destoner follows the principle of a vacuum cleaner. Since roasted beans are very light, they are easily sucked in, leaving behind everything else that could ruin expensive grinders. The process for 13kg of coffee takes about 5 minutes.

- Yield of unwanted objects in coffee

For us at HorizonteCoffee, destoning is a fundamental part of the entire roasting and packaging process. We are 100% committed to offer 100% coffee.
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