The Producer

Nestor Lasso

This coffee comes from 24-year-old producer Nestor Lasso and the farm El Diviso. The farm covers an area of 18 hectares, consisting of 15 hectares of coffee and 3 hectares of forest.

Producer Nestor says: "We are the third generation to grow coffee. Our grandfather, José Uribe, was the founder of El Diviso farm. Through the work of the whole family and constant saving, we were able to build the infrastructure to process differential coffees, in search of better quality, both in coffee and in our lives. After a period of trial and error, we have managed to standardize different processes and generate a better income to grow new varieties that allow us to produce better quality. One of our dreams is to produce specialty coffee that reaches the whole world." 

Unfortunately, we haven't had the chance to visit Nestor and his farm yet, but it is on our bucket list for our next trip to Colombia.