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A very pleasurable, easy-drinking experience. Chocolate, nut, creamy.

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Producer | Produzent Bruno Antonio Franco

Country | Land Brazil

Region | Region Campos Altos | Minas Gerais

Elevation | Höhe 1200 metres

Farm size | Grösse 28 hectares

Varietals | Sorte Catuai

Picked by | Lese Hand | Machine

Processing | Verarbeitung Natural

Perfected for | Perfektioniert für Espresso, Moka-Pot

Tasting Notes | Geschmacksnoten Creamy, chocolate, molasses, dried fruits.

The Coffee

Horizonte goes Brazilian! For a while now, Christoph – the founder of Horizonte Coffee – has been under some pressure from his Brazilian wife Andrea to offer beans from her home country, which happens to be the biggest coffee producer in the world.

We wanted to find very sweet, low acidity beans in extraordinary quality and with a taste profile that is very “casual” – in other words, a taste that any coffee lover might enjoy at any given time.

With our Casual beans we not only found what we were looking for in Andrea’s home state of Minas Gerais, we also discovered coffee beans that are super-creamy, nutty and with delicious milk chocolate and molasses undertones. No crazy flavors – just a straightforward, very pleasurable, easy-drinking experience.

This coffee is naturally processed. After harvesting, only the fully ripe red cherries are selected, guaranteeing their quality. The cherries are carefully placed on raised patios and rotated daily to ensure a consistently high quality product.

Brew recommendation espresso: 18 in | 45g out in 30 seconds. 

The Producer

Bruno Antonio Franco

Bruno Antonio Franco and his father Marcos proudly own and operate Fazenda Inhame farm, nestled in Campos Altos, Brazil. This farm holds a cherished place in their family history, spanning over 50 years.

Bruno represents CAPECA (Cooperativa Agropecuária de Campos Altos), a local cooperative aiding in coffee exportation. As the 5th generation stewarding this land, Bruno is deeply committed to its sustainable practices and quality.

Fazenda Inhame boasts UTZ certification, ensuring responsible farming practices. Workers are guaranteed at least minimum wage, alongside access to education, safe water, and healthcare.

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