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Colombia | Brazil

50% less caffeine! Sweet, low acidity, chocolate, nut.

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Producer | Produzent Quinchia Farmers | Bruno Antonio Franco

Country | Land Colombia | Brazil

Region | Region Riseralda | Campos Altos

Elevation | Höhe 1900 Meters | 1200 Meters

Farm size | Grösse Small farmers | 28 Hectares

Varietals | Sorte Castillo (100% Arabica) | Catuai (100% Arabica)

Picked by | Lese Hand | Machine

Processing | Verarbeitung Washed | Natural

Perfected for | Perfektioniert für Espresso, Moka-Pot

Tasting Notes | Geschmacksnoten Sweet, low acidity, chocolate, nut.

The Coffee

Half Caff - what is it?

Well, in our case, it's a great tasting espresso with only half the caffeine.

How do we do it? We blend decaffeinated coffee with our Brazilian beans in a 50/50 ratio. As a result, you can drink twice as much coffee without getting too much caffeine floating around in your bloodstream.

We've often heard customers or friends say that they would love to have another cup of coffee, but when they do, they can't sleep or feel too agitated. Half Caff is the solution without compromising on taste, caffeine or energy.

Brew recommendation Espresso: 18g in | 45g out in 30 seconds.

The Producers

#1 - Quinchia Farmers | Cooperative Alto Occidente

The Cooperative Alto Occidente, the producers of our Decaf beans, has its roots in taking a stand against exploitation. By the 1950s, the coffee growers from the region of Riseralda had had enough of being exploited by the intermediaries who at that point were the main buyers of their beans. A group of farmers got together and formalised the constitution of the Cooperative Alto Occidente. The services provided by the newly formed Cooperative included coffee purchases, access to credit, and the provision of agricultural materials. 

All farmers who are members of the Cooperative are small-scale producers, which means that the labour on their farms is primarily provided by their own families. 

#2 - Bruno Antonio Franco

Bruno Antonio Franco and his father Marcos proudly own and operate Fazenda Inhame farm, nestled in Campos Altos, Brazil. This farm holds a cherished place in their family history, spanning over 50 years.

Bruno represents CAPECA (Cooperativa Agropecuária de Campos Altos), a local cooperative aiding in coffee exportation. As the 5th generation stewarding this land, Bruno is deeply committed to its sustainable practices and quality.

Fazenda Inhame boasts UTZ certification, ensuring responsible farming practices. Workers are guaranteed at least minimum wage, alongside access to education, safe water, and healthcare.

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