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Brazil | Ethiopia

Created together with Radio Télévision Suisse. Milk chocolate, fruity.

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Producer | Produzent Bruno Antonio Franco & Haile Gebrselassie

Country | Land Brazil | Ethiopia

Region | Region Campos Altos | Masha

Elevation | Höhe 1200 Meters | 1670 - 1850 Meters

Farm size | Grösse 28 Hectares | 1500 Hectares

Varietals | Sorte Catuai (Arabica) | Bishari, Washi (Arabica)

Picked by | Lese Machine | Hand

Processing | Verarbeitung Natural | Washed

Perfected for | Perfektioniert für Espresso

Tasting Notes | Geschmacksnoten Creamy, milk chocolate, biscuit, fruity.

The Coffee


Whether it’s taking a moment for yourself or sharing it with friends, coffee is always good company.

With that in mind, RTS (Radio Télévision Suisse) and Horizonte Coffee collaborated to create an exclusive coffee that is a crowd pleaser for any time of the day. The man behind Horizonte Coffee is Christoph Sauser: 4 times mountain bike world champion and Olympic bronze medalist. With such a high performance pedigree, RTS Sport could not have partnered with a better coffee roaster.

RTS coffee is roasted in the mountain town of Leysin and is a combination of Brazilian (80%) and Ethiopian (20%) coffees. An extremely creamy coffee with notes of milk chocolate and nuts. The Ethiopian beans give the coffee the desired floral notes.

For your everyday drinking experience.

RTS interview in French with Christoph Sauser: CLICK HERE

Brew recommendation espresso: 18 in | 45g out in 35 seconds. 

The Producers

#1 - Bruno Antonio Franco

Bruno Antonio Franco and his father Marcos proudly own and operate Fazenda Inhame farm, nestled in Campos Altos, Brazil. This farm holds a cherished place in their family history, spanning over 50 years.

Bruno represents CAPECA (Cooperativa Agropecuária de Campos Altos), a local cooperative aiding in coffee exportation. As the 5th generation stewarding this land, Bruno is deeply committed to its sustainable practices and quality.

Fazenda Inhame boasts UTZ certification, ensuring responsible farming practices. Workers are guaranteed at least minimum wage, alongside access to education, safe water, and healthcare.

Check also video!

#2 - Haile Gebrselassie

I'm sure most of you know Haile Gebrselassie, probably the best long-distance runner of all time. He has won two Olympic gold medals, been world champion seven times and broken 27 world records! Richard Nerurkar, an old track and field friend of his who now works for Haile, contacted us because of our  background in sports. A great match! Not only from a sporting point of view, but also because of Haile's amazing beans and the way people and nature are treated. Haile's organic coffee farm is located in the UNESCO biosphere reserve Sheka, where also honey is harvested. 75 permanent employees work on the farm.

To support the local community, Haile has built an 18km all-weather road connecting the farm to Masha and constructed a school in Yeppo village near the farm.

Organic fertilizer is made from the pulp of washed coffee. Meanwhile, 250 hectares of the farm have been put under conservation to protect the forest.